more about Heather

Hello! I am a thirty *ahem* something mom who has been blessed beyond my wildest dreams! I have an amazing husband of 11 years who keeps me dreaming, laughing and inspired. Three beautiful, healthy, crazy kiddos who love to write, draw, play and be creative. My parents have been my backbone, my siblings are my closest allies, and my Lord is the ROCK on which I stand.

I am excited to be doing this with Julz, she is such an inspiration to me in so many ways and I love how she "just does it" whether its recovering an ottoman at 10p.m. with only glue, or picking furniture out of a dump (yes, she did!!) and making it beautiful and functional. She is the younger sister who is my spiritual mentor and an awesome wife and momma!! What a GAL!!

I am in a stage in life where I have very little free time, doesn't everyone with a 6, 5, and 8 mo. old?? ((HAHA)) But, I want to try to make everything I want to see in my house. "I can do that!" is my mantra and more often than not, I buy the items to do it and then don't ever "get er done".
*My hubby says I love shopping for the craft more than actually doing the craft.*
Well, I am trying to change that! I have a goal of completing 25 projects (big or small) by the end of the summer and if I do... I am going to get a silhouette machine for my birthday/Christmas gifts... Just in time for being stuck inside all winter!! DEAL?? Lets see if I can do it!!
Sit back and enjoy! I will try not to disappoint!!!