Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So who are you exactly?

We're just 2 sisters, separated by 9 years and approximately 600 miles, who deeply love our families, friends, homes and the God who gave it all to us. After years of pictures and webpage links sent via email and texts we decided to journal all of our inspiration, ideas, and projects in one place... and this blog was born.

Okay, well that's great and all, but what's with the lighthouse thing?

Well, glad you asked.

Our daddy, our hero, loved the symbolism of two things more than anything else... and those were eagles and lighthouses. He loved the way the lighthouse symbolized the hope that he found in Jesus. Our daddy had a rough start in life, but Jesus was the light that led him out of his storm and into a blessed and abundant life. He spent the rest of his life loving and serving the God who saved him. He suddenly and unexpectedly went to meet his Savior, face to face, in November of 2010. Way too early in our opinion, he was a mere 60 years old, but we take comfort in knowing our separation from him is only temporary.

Well now that you know who we are and what's up with the blog title, we hope you'll stick around, leave us some love in the form of a comment, and maybe even decide to follow us on this new endeavor! 

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!